Homeplace Box | *First Edition*

Homeplace Box | *First Edition*

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Homeplace Box is a gift of handmade home goods, carefully curated to breathe the 
peace and joy of a simple life into any home.

Imagine walking through the door, immediately refreshed and energized by the scent of a hand poured lemongrass candle.
Or unwinding  with a hot bath after a long day, treating your senses and nourishing your skin with a bar of small batch lavender soap and a luxuriously soft hand crocheted wash cloth.
Or perhaps you'd like to minimize stress, simplify your home, and have a better impact on our planet. Replacing plastic wrap with a zero-waste bees wax food wrap is the perfect place to start.

Besides all the warm fuzzy feelings we know you’ll love, here’s what else is inside:

Lemongrass Candle $15 -
4 oz.
vegan soy wax
lead-free cotton wick
scented with cruelty-free, phthalate-free, high grade fragrance oils

Beeswax Food Wrap $9 - 
12" x 12"
naturally antibacterial
zero waste & non-toxic alternative for plastic wrap

Crocheted Farmhouse Dishcloth $23 -
9" x 8"
soft & durable
heirloom quality

Lavender Soap Bar $7 - 
natural, minimal ingredients
cold process, small batch
soothing & moisturizing lather
scented with pure essential oils

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Homeplace Box is a curated box of handmade home goods that are always simple, natural, and purposeful.

It's a new way to find encouragement and inspiration for your homemaking journey. Or, a way to encourage someone else like a new bride, or a sweet fellow homemaker.
It's dedicated to showcasing the beautiful talents of creative women, wives, and mamas as they build their businesses and their homes.
It's committed to never adding clutter to your home. Our minimalist mission means that we will always choose high-quality, purposeful, meaningful goods. No exceptions.

The best part? All this is delivered right to your doorstep.

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