Simple Farmhouse Bathroom Refresh

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I’ve been meaning to get this post published since my husband and I finished our farmhouse bathroom refresh back in August, but life happened. Specifically four baby goats being born, bottle feeding said baby goats, milking stubborn mama goats, traveling, gardening, being pregnant, etc. WHEW!

Thankfully, things with the animals and garden have now slowed down significantly as fall has settled in. And because of that, I have a bit more time to invest here at The Little Homeplace and finally get to all the fun things I’ve had planned — at least until little babe comes and makes things exciting all over again!

So today, as promised, I am FINALLY sharing with you our pretty new farmhouse bathroom!

When we moved into our fixer-upper back in 2014, there were quite a few projects that needed to be done immediately. Leaks needed to be fixed, the sunroom needed doors and windows, there was manure four feet high out in the barn, the hall bathroom had an underwater scene painted around the toilet… (Check out this post for photographic evidence!)
Our priorities were to get things in working order before winter, and then to address any severe eyesores as soon as possible. Because Ryan and I were usually the only ones to see or use the master bathroom, that project got pushed to the bottom of the list.

Fast-forward to summer 2018. We were newly pregnant with our rainbow baby and I had already caught the nesting bug. I persuaded my husband to tackle the master bathroom at long last and we got to work.

Here are a few before/early progress pictures to give you an idea of what it looked like.
That countertop and gold trim around the shower though. YUCK.

Simple Farmhouse Bathroom Refresh | The Little Homeplace
Simple Farmhouse Bathroom Refresh | The Little Homeplace
Simple Farmhouse Bathroom Refresh | The Little Homeplace

As you can probably tell, everything was in working order, but definitely not in a good-looking way.

Well, I am happy to report that things are looking much, MUCH better now.

Honestly, nearly all of the credit goes to my amazing husband. I came up with a plan, but he made it happen. I told him I wanted it to feel peaceful, bright, and farmhouse-y, and BOY did he deliver. The end result turned out even better than I was picturing in my mind and I LOVE IT.

I also love that man. He is so incredibly good to me.

Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity | The Little Homeplace

We started off by getting everything cleaned and painted. Literally. We painted everything. The walls, the ceiling, the cabinet, the countertop (this is the paint we used for that), the trim around the shower door, the baseboards, EVERYTHING.

We even used a little black spray paint on some knobs and handles we found at our local habitat for humanity store for $2. They were originally silver and gold, but a few squirts of paint later they match perfectly!

Farmhouse Bathroom Cabinet Hardware | The Little Homeplace

My husband also used black spray paint on the gold trim around the shower doors. The difference that alone made in the look and feel of our bathroom still amazes me!

Fiberglass Shower Update | Letterboard and Farmhouse Towel Hooks | The Little Homeplace

Another one of my favorite additions is the handmade mirror frame, shelving, and towel rack Ryan put together from some old pallet wood we had that I use to make signs out of. We found the hooks and brackets at Lowes.

DIY Pallet Farmhouse Towel Hooks | The Little Homeplace
DIY Pallet Shelving Above Toilet | The Little Homeplace

Our original plan was to keep the existing silver faucets and light fixture above the sink, but we ended up with a little money left in the budget to upgrade them. I’m so glad we did! I think it really pulls the whole bathroom together.

Pfister Farmhouse Bathroom Faucet | The Little Homeplace
Allen and Roth Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting | The Little Homeplace

Of course, we added a few pieces of minimal farmhouse décor to finish it all off!
(Sidenote: I love shopping sales at Hobby Lobby and TJ Maxx to achieve the look I want for a very reasonable price!)

Simple Farmhouse Bathroom Decor | The Little Homeplace
Farmhouse Bathroom Wall Art | The Little Homeplace
Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity Decor | The Little Homeplace

Now we actually have a simple, beautiful, relaxing farmhouse bathroom behind the sliding barn door my father-in-law made for us and I could not be happier about it.

Sliding Barndoor to Farmhouse Bathroom | The Little Homeplace

Have you done any projects on your home recently, friend? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

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