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Simple & Natural Fall Home Decor | The Little Homeplace

Ah. Autumn.

In case you haven't guessed by now, I'm a huge fan.

I love taking the dog for a walk on those crisp, clear mornings, watching the leaves slowly burn up with color, and hearing the geese above me head to the lake down the road for the winter.

I love reading my bible and sipping hot tea under a cozy blanket while the world is still dark and quiet. 

I love watching the combines reap the harvest of summer's hard labor and tractors ready the ground for the frost and snow soon to come.

I just love it all.

burgundy mums

Quite possibly my favorite way to savor this season is to use the colors, materials, and literal fruit of nature's summer work in our home. I'm talking rust and sage green, knit and warm, pumpkins and corn stalks.

cotton stems and greenery
cotton stems and greenery in vase

Why do I like to use this simple, natural decor? Well, first, it's easy. I'm not a go-all-out with seasonal decor kind of gal. Give me quick and easy and I'll make it work. Toss a few apples in a bowl and call it a centerpiece? Perfect.

Second, it's affordable. Does it get any cheaper than a pile of pumpkins grown in your own back yard with a $2 pack of seeds, or a few wheat stems gleaned from a harvested field (or Hobby Lobby)? It sure doesn't.

washing baby pumpkins
a basket of baby pumpkins
striped pumpkin

And last, bringing all these natural, homegrown, harvested things into my home makes me feel ridiculously cozy and content. It reminds me of all the calloused farmer hands that work hard all summer to feed and clothe the world. It reminds me of God's goodness and provision through another year and another harvest. And it reminds me that the time for rest, for the people and the land, is coming soon.

decorating with antlers

Call me a romantic, but it's true - fall hits me right in the feels and I'm unashamed to admit it.

Before I get too carried away, as I am inclined to do, let's get down to business.

How can you create the same simple, natural, cozy look in your home? Well, let me tell you.

Pumpkins & Gourds - Grow your own, buy them at the store, or pick some at a pumpkin patch (Bonus: That last one comes with free family memories!). I use these guys anywhere and everywhere. Pile a few by your front door with a potted mum. Add a little greenery and create a centerpiece for your table. Add one or two to a shelf or window sill. Really, the possibilities are endless.

easy fall centerpiece
simple fall tablescape
pumpkin and gourd table centerpiece

Wheat - I don't know why, but there is something that I really love about a bundle of wheat in a mason jar. It adds the perfect touch of warmth and texture to any tablescape or book shelf. You can glean a few stalks from an obliging farmer's field, or just go to Hobby Lobby and grab a bunch or two there.

wheat stalks in white pitcher
decorating with fall wheat and pumpkins

Corn Stalks - These are my husband's yearly contribution to our fall decor. Somehow he always manages to find a farmer friend who is willing to part with a few stalks and brings them home to me for our front porch. I have seen corn stalks for sale grocery or craft stores, usually near the pumpkins and other fall goodies.

corn stalks on a front porch

Cozy Blankets & Textures - Who doesn't love being cocooned in a soft blanket on a chilly day?! My favorite kind for this time of year are handmade knit or crocheted. They store easily in a basket or bin and you can casually thrown one over the arm of the couch or chair for easy accessibility. You know, in case of an emergency. Two other things that will add great texture and create an inviting environment are pillows and rugs. Linen, jute, crochet, etc. Stick with the same color scheme so things don't get too overwhelming, but feel free to mix up the textures as much or as little as you like.

cozy blanket and textured pillows

Warm Colors - I know whites, tans, and greys are "in" right now as far as farmhouse fall decor is concerned, but I can't help myself. I MUST. ADD. COLOR. Not a lot, mind you, but just enough to ground all the white and neutrals and give the eye a bit of a resting place - A place to settle into (Does that even make sense? My fall feels don't always translate into words very well...). My go-to's are soft blues, soft greens, and a deep rusty orange.

simple fall bathroom decor
fall succulent bouquet

Delicious Smells & Such - I don't believe "decorating", or maybe homemaking is a better word, is strictly about the visual. Yes, that's an important part, after all that's usually what you notice first about a place, but it's not what makes a house feel warm and cozy. It's the scent of a well-seasoned roast cooking away in the crock pot. It's clove and orange diffusing in the entryway. It's laughter, good conversation, and togetherness. It's soft, old-time music playing in the background. It's a flour-dusted apron hug. It's family being family and friends welcomed in. These things can't be purchased or styled and yet they are the most simple and the most natural. All you have to do is be you in your home and invite others in to share it with you.

What are your favorite simple, natural ways to bring fall into your home? Maybe you are partial to a certain variety of pumpkin, or you are drawn to a particular color or texture. Or, do you enjoy "decorating" with seasonal recipes or a traditional bonfire night? Comment below - I can't wait to hear about it!


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