Remedies for Homesickness

Remedies for Homesickness | The Little Homeplace

I'm sure you have experienced homesickness at some point or other. I know I have.

It's a hard thing to be uprooted and plopped down somewhere new and unfamiliar. There are no friends to go have coffee with, no familiar faces at Target, and you can get lost simply trying to get home from the grocery store. All of a sudden life can become discouraging, overwhelming, scary, and just downright lonely.

I don't know about you, but I have been there, friend. Moving from the only home I had ever known in California, to a whole new life in Idaho is what did it for me. I was down with the homesickness bug for a while. Several months, actually. I still have relapses sometimes. And let me tell you, homesickness can really steal your joy if you let it.

Now, I will say that homesickness isn't all bad. It's a natural part of the adjustment process. Don't beat yourself up about it, but, that being said, don't let it overcome you and define who you are.

Here are a few easy little remedies that I have found to be helpful:

1. Go for a walk. Sunshine and fresh air are miracle workers.

2. Clean up your living space. Scrub the toilet. Sweep the floor. Put out fresh towels. Change the sheets. If the weather is nice enough, open the windows and let everything air out.

3. Get dressed. Don't sit around in your sweats all day.

4. Make a list of goals that you want to accomplish in the next week, month, or year. Work hard to accomplish them.

5. Find a craft on Pinterest that you would like to make. Make it.

6. Make a new friend. Sometimes new friends find you, but more often than not, you need to put yourself out there and find them. Strike up a conversation. Ask them about their interests. Invite them to lunch.

7. Start a list of things you are thankful for. Add a least 5 things to it every day.

8. Watch a movie that makes you happy. Some of my favorites are The Man from Snowy River, Return to Me, You've Got Mail, and Pride and Prejudice.

9. Take a hot bath. Add some lavender Epsom salts and baking soda to relax and detox.

10. Read from the book of Psalms. Find a passage that comforts and encourages you. Write it down and put it somewhere you will see it often.

11. Bake something yummy. (Need some ideas? Try these amazing gluten free pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, this super easy homemade granola, or a French toast casserole!)

12. Exercise. Go for a run. Go to the gym. Do something that makes you sweat.

13. Get involved in a church. Get to know the pastor and his wife. Don't rush off after the service, stay and meet new people. Find an area you would like to serve in, and serve in it. 

14. Fix a cup of your favorite hot tea. Take time to sip and savor. Too warm out for hot tea? Try it iced!

15. Read a good book.

16. Think of someone you can encourage. Pray for them. Write them a note.

17. Rearrange your décor. Add in new things. Take out the old things that you never really liked anyway. Give everything a good dusting.

18. Go through all of your clothing. If you haven't worn it within the last year, put it in a trash bag and donate it to your local thrift store.

19. Do some research about your new community. Find out what the town is known for, where the best coffee shops are, and what special events occur throughout the year.

20. Pray.

Have you ever experienced homesickness? What helped you find joy again?