Remedies for a Bad Day

Remedies for a Bad Day | The Little Homeplace

I'm going to get real with you.

This past year has been a difficult one for me physically. You know that feeling of being sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Yeah.


I don't know about you, but I hate having bad days. I hate feeling crummy, unmotivated, and grumpy. (My husband hates it too, ha!) Now, I do realize that bad days are inevitable. Everybody has one at least once in their life. But sometimes we just get in a funk and let ourselves have too many bad days in a row. (Guilty!) That is not healthy, my friend.

I created this list a few months ago out of a desperate desire to feel like a normal human being again. It has helped me IMMENSELY. I decided to share it with you because maybe you are in that bad day boat too, or maybe you have a friend that is (Please, feel free to share this list with them!). I even created a free printable for you to put at your desk or on the bathroom mirror to encourage you.

I hope it helps!

Side note: If you are really struggling to get out of a funk, I would encourage you to seek help! Talk to a close friend, seek counsel, or maybe get your hormones tested. You'd be surprised by how much your body can be affected when your hormone levels are a little off balance.

read your bible - Psalms specifically is very encouraging.
pray - Talk to God about your struggles. He is always there for you.
rest - Sometimes the solution is as simple as getting enough sleep. Take a nap and/or go to bed early.
stretch - A little gentle yoga does wonders!
get your blood pumping - Go for a walk, lift some light weights, or do a few jumping jacks.
hydrate - DRINK MORE WATER. Enough said.
take your vitamins - Every day, not just once or twice a week when you actually remember.
eat real food - If you put yucky, unhealthy things in your body, you will feel yucky and unhealthy.
do something you really love - Make time for your passions. Don't let life become all about work.
talk to someone - Be open and honest. Don't be afraid to cry.
write it out - Someday you will look back on this and see how much you've grown.
read a page-turner - Need to escape for a little while and get your mind off of something? This is the way.
create a routine - Feeling frazzled? A set schedule can create the motivation you need to get things done.
break your routine - Creature of habit? Switch things up and do something fun just because.
listen to your jam - You know that song or playlist you just love? Put it on. Right now.
dance & sing - (see above)
get dolled up - Yes, yoga pants, a cozy sweater, and a little lipstick totally count.
socialize - Don't make the mistake of becoming a hermit. Trust me, it's no fun.
get/give a hug - There is scientific proof to back me up on this one. Hugs are good for you.
get off the couch - Just do it. Seriously.

What things help you when you're having a bad day? Share your tips below!