Making Progress on Our Farmhouse and My Favorite Places to Go For Inspiration

Updating Our Farmhouse and My Favorite Places to Go to Find Inspiration | The Little Homeplace

When we moved to Idaho, we moved into a 1960's ranch-style fixer upper on ten acres.

The yard was overgrown with stubborn weeds, leaks in the sun room, and there was an exquisite puffy-paint mural of an underwater scene around the toilet in the hall bathroom. Rooms needed painting, carpet needed replacing, fences needed mending, trees needed pruning, and everything needed a good hard scrub to get rid of that funky smell.

While we are no where near being finished fixing up our home (but does it ever end?), we have come a long way! Many thanks to my husband who let me persuade him into buying this house and who puts in the hard work to make my farmhouse dreams come true. He is the BEST. I mean, look at what we've accomplished together:



Now that so much of the necessary fixing up had been finished, its on to the fun part.


As you can see, I've done a little of that already, but it's high time I got serious about it.

We are penny pinchers, DIYers, and thrifters. I could count the number of items in our house that we've purchased brand new on one hand. Used, loved, and handmade things are what give a home that cozy character. A familiar feeling of grandma's house, a breath of fresh air, and a back porch swing with your honey all rolled into one. It welcomes you in and begs you to kick off your shoes and stay a while.

That is the atmosphere I love, and that is the atmosphere I've set out to create in our home.

Now, lest you think I come up with all kinds of crazy, amazing farmhouse ideas on my own, let me assure you: I do not. While I always put my own spin on things in true creative fashion, my favorite part of this whole process is the dreaming and the finding of inspiration.

I would like to thank Pinterest for always being there for me, for being my cheerleader and saying, "Yes, you CAN make that!" (even when I needed to recruit my husband), and for picking me up out of all my creative funks.

BUT, more importantly, I would like to thank the following amazing gals. Not only are they beautiful, sweet women, their homes are so very beautiful as well. I have come back to their little spaces on the internet time and time again for direction and encouragement in my own home making journey.

So now, without further ado, let me introduce them to you!

Liz Marie at Liz Marie Blog - If you like farmhouse white, fixer uppers, and adorable baby sheep, you're going to love Liz. Her style is so bright and clean, but she incorporates lots of texture so her home still feels wonderfully cozy and welcoming. She truly has a gift for incorporating old and new pieces together, which I absolutely love.

Erin at Cotton Stem - Whenever I need a good dose of unique farmhouse inspiration, I head over to Erin's blog. She is funny, down to earth, and insanely creative. She is also great at answering questions and providing sources for all the pretty things she finds.

Natalie at Natalie Creates - While I do love a lot of white, there is something about Natalie's home that just makes me want to cozy up on the couch with a good book and a cup of tea. The colors are so cheerful - it's like stepping into a field of wildflowers. She also has a gorgeous garden and the most adorable shop you could imagine.

Ellen at Bellewood Cottage - I discovered Ellen's blog only a month or two ago, but I'm already in love. She has all kinds of amazing DIY and budget-friendly tips to share (and a few delicious recipes!). Plus, she has a heart for homemaking which makes me adore her and her home even more.

Lisa at Farmhouse on Boone - Can I say enough good things about Lisa and her farmhouse? Definitely not. I love her practical, no-fuss approach to decorating, and even life in general. We share a love for all things natural, simple, and farmhouse-y. She also loves a good DIY project and is always working on something, then sharing all the details so you can try it out for yourself.


Who are some of your favorite inspirational home making bloggers? I'm always looking for new friends and new ideas. Comment below and share away!