Heavenly Banana Ice Cream

Heavenly Banana Ice Cream | The Little Homeplace

So remember how I told you I've been trying to cut back on sugar? Yeah.

It can be pretty hard when you're like me and love food. Specifically sweets. And ice cream. And cookies. But mostly ice cream.

If you've ever done this, you get where I'm comin' from. You might be crying right along with me.

But you know what? I've discovered something. I'm about to share it with you so you might want to hang on to your socks because it might blow them off.

It's a little something I like to call...



A cold, creamy, delectable, delicious, absolutely, positively guilt-free treat.

I can hardly go a day without making some and therefore eating some.

But that's totally ok because this stuff is



Let's get this party started shall we?

What you need:

A Blender or Food Processor

Frozen Bananas

Mix-ins of Choice (My current favorite is peanut butter and a few pieces of dark chocolate but you can also use strawberries or other frozen fruit as well!)

Milk of Choice (I use almond or a blend of almond and coconut)

Take your bananas and dump them in the blender. I like to keep a bag of frozen banana chunks in the freezer at all times for smoothies and banana ice cream.

Next, add any mix-ins your little heart desires.

Splash with a little milk so it blends up nice and smooth.

Blend away!! If your blender/food processor gets stuck, add a little more milk and give it a good stir. Just don't add too much milk or your ice cream will be more like a milkshake. (Which actually might not be a bad thing at all...)

If you like your ice cream soft serve, devour immediately. If you prefer a thicker, more scoop-able ice cream, spoon the mixture into a container and place in the freezer until it reaches the desired consistency. (If you can wait that long...)

Let me know if you try it and what flavors are your favorite!