Farmhouse Laundry Room Reveal

Farmhouse Laundry Room Reveal | The Little Homeplace

Several weeks ago my mama came to visit and she helped me with a little project.

Actually, it probably qualifies as a big project because it involves painting and painting is always a bigger project than you think.

Anyway, we the laundry room a makeover! I really couldn't have done it without the painting expertise, bargain hunting, and moral support of my sweet mom. She is the best, no question about it.

Here is a picture of what our laundry room has looked like since we moved in (maybe or maybe not including the unfolded laundry on the dryer...). Functional, yes, but not a place I wanted to spend much time in.

Needless to say, this room was sorely in need of a little TLC.

Since Mom was here Ryan has been really busy at the farm so he wasn't able to help me with the last finishing touches until this past weekend. But I can't complain at all because my husband is awesome and it was definitely worth the wait.

So without further ado...

Say hello to the new and improved Clifton laundry room!

This little "farm fresh" crate was my favorite find! I'm a sucker for anything country...

I had some ticking fabric leftover from a project so my mom taught me how to make curtains! I'm no seamstress, but this project wasn't hard at all! And knowing that curtains are easy to make gets the homemaker in me so inspired!  

I decided to leave my dried lavender up because it's just so cute and it keeps the room smelling fresh.

I think this wall turned out the best. We bought the bench from a local gal that builds furniture and planters from reclaimed wood -- she was SO nice. She even gave us a piece of wood for free and my farmer made it into a coat rack! The canvases above the coat rack were some that I found at Target for three bucks each. I spray painted them black and stenciled the silhouettes with the same white paint we used on the walls. It took almost three hours to finish them, but they turned out even better than I imagined!

And last, but


not least, no room in our house would be quite complete without a touch of green and yellow.

I still can't get over the fact that I have such a pretty room in my home. It's amazing what a some paint and a little elbow grease can accomplish! 

I have never enjoyed doing laundry this much in my entire life.