life update | i'm back

Friends. It has been such a long time since I have written anything on this little blog of mine. I so hope you have been doing well.

Me? It's been a crazy few months.

We visited family during the holidays as usual. It's always good to take a few weeks and spend some quality time with the people that I love.

Things have just started to pick up again on the farm after a quiet winter. Ryan was able to get quite a few projects done around the house, but he is happy to be back out in the field. I'm sure most farmers feel the same way this time of year.

I started working more hours at my coffee shop job. And then I quit. I don't enjoy quitting things at all, but sometimes you just have to reevaluate and get rid of the things in your life that aren't doing any good by being there. That job was one of them. I learned a lot, now I can make a darn good coffee, but it was definitely time to move on.

One of the reasons I decided to quit my job (and why it feels like I have basically dropped off the face of the earth) is that I've been dealing with some health and hormone issues. I won't bore you with all the details, I might save that for another time if you're interested, but suffice it to say that I have not been myself lately (my poor husband could attest to that). Thankfully, my body is on the mend and things are finally looking up.

Now that my life is somewhat normal again, I have more time to do what I love: work on my business and blog. And I have to say, it feels so good to be back.

I hope to see you here more regularly -- once a week I think, if that's okay with you.

Thank you all for your patience. And for those of you that have expressed how much you missed my blog, you have encouraged me more than you know. You really are the best.

Well friends, I hope you have a blessed week. Until next time!