A Weekend in the Mountains

Do you ever have one of those weekends that is just the best thing ever and you hate to see it end?

Yeah. Last weekend was one of those.

We spent it with some of our good friends at their cabin and had a grand old time. Nothing like a little cabin time to help you get to know a person! (hehe...)

Sidenote: I love cabins. Many moons ago, back in California, my great-grandparents bought a little red cabin way back in the woods. It is still in the family and is quite possibly my all time favorite place in the whole world. No internet, no cell phone service, no TV. Just you with your family in a cabin in the woods with a good book, a hot cup of something delicious, and maybe a wild card game or two. Friend, if I could take you there right this very moment, I would. And I can guarantee that you would love it.

My Great Grandma Mildred and Great Grandpa Pat

Anyway, as I was saying...

Last weekend was awesome.

We watched good movies, ate good food, had good conversation, and laughed hard and often.

On Friday we went exploring and drove all over the mountains on bumpy dirt roads just to see what we could see. Obviously it was amazing.

 One of the places we stopped was an old mining town called Florence. They found gold there once upon a time (late 1800s) and built a town complete with the very first public school in Idaho. But, it's success was short lived and by 1910 most of the people of Florence had left in search of more gold, or died from the harsh winters.

 On Saturday we went rafting. I had never been rafting before, but now I'm wondering how I ever waited 21 years to do it. I can't remember the last time I did something so fun. I guess it helps too if your friend is pretty much the most spectacular rafting guide in the world. (Thanks Rachel!!!) If you ever get the chance, DO IT, my friend. You will have a blast.

Right to Left: Ryan, Me, Amy, Rachel, Janssen, Leighton

 It's always hard to come back home to real life and projects and responsibilities, but we're already planning another trip so I think I'll survive. ;-)

What are your favorite places to get away to for the weekend?