Sprucing Up

Summer is here!

Well, not technically I guess, but when you're sweating by 10 A.M. I'd call that close enough.

All this sunshine and warm weather is my jam. It really is. I get so inspired to be outside and grow things and work on fun projects. So does my husband. It's totally great.

A few weeks ago while I was gone on a little excursion to California for my baby sister's high school graduation, Ryan designed and built this AMAZING planter for the front yard. He used some old railroad ties we had and got a few pieces of old farm equipment for decoration. This past Saturday he took me to pick out a few flowers to plant in it. He is the sweetest thing.

I love the way it turned out!

We also bought some plants to put into pots to put by the front door and on the back porch. A little bit of greenery and color makes everything so cheery!


Our back porch has been quite sad looking until now. We never really had the time to fix it up at all since we moved into this house at the end of last summer. We have plans to create a little "date night" area with a table and chairs, and a few strands of lights, but when you're semi-newlyweds on a budget these things have to come with time.

**Newlywed Tip: I have five words for you. CRAIGSLIST. YARD SALES. THRIFT STORES. They will become your best friends if you let them.

How do you like to spruce up your yard or porch for the warmer months? Any favorite plants? I'm always looking for new inspiration!